Local Racquet Service Professional Receives Master Level National Certification

Christian Kofod, owner and operator of Total Racquet, has passed the examination and satisfied the experience requirements to be named a Master Racquet Technician (MRT) by the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) in Birmingham, AL. The MRT designation is the highest Certification a racquet sports technician can receive.

To be eligible for the Master Racquet Technician designation, Christian had to pass an exhaustive exam that tests knowledge of all facets of racquet service. "The exam measures understanding of how to install string, how to select the optimum racquet for every player, and how to re-size handles, regrip racquets and customize weight and balance," says Bob Patterson, USRSA Executive Director. "An MRT must also demonstrate advanced knowledge of current frame and string technology and how that technology translates to player satisfaction."

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