Master Racquet Technician Certification


In October 2016, our Stringer, Christian Kofod, passed all the required tests to become a Master Racquet Technician (MRT) through the USRSA. This is the highest certification offered by this professional organization.

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with Nico Van Malderen, Owner and GM of Luxilon

When it comes to helping you choose the right equipment for you and your game style, we take this responsibility very seriously.

September 2015, our racquet technician again succesfully completed the training at the IART Training Symposium. This was his second year attending which allowed him to further tighten his skills and ensure he offers you the latest information.

Continuing Education


Our racquet technician is very dedicated to the craft of racquet technology. When he is not studying for his academic classes or working on a customer's racquet, you will find him reading the latest information on racquets and strings, watching a training video by one of the world's best stringers, or practicing his technique on his extra racquets.


September 2016 saw our technician at the Wilson Innovation Center and honing skills with some of the best in the business while attending the 10th Annual IART Training Symposium!

Gaining insight into new racquet technologies and improving his stringing skills were the focus of his trip. 

Stringing Division I Level


In February 2015 our racquet technician began work with a group that services several Division I college tennis teams in the Triangle area. Dependability, attention to detail, plus a willingness and ability to learn and improve his technique earned him this spot.


He brings this care and service to all Total Racquet clients.

Always Learning


January 2015 found our racquet technician in Roanoke, VA, training with the Executive Director of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART). Tim Strawn is a veteran stringer of Wimbledon and the US Open, is a Master Racquet Technician with the USRSA, and has over 25 years experience.


Passing on the craft and profession of stringing is very important to Tim, and Christian, our technician, is a dedicated pupil.

Training with the IART


In September 2014, our technician completed the Training Symposium held by the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART). This extended training weekend gathers some of the best stringers and racquet technicians in the world. They provide training, demonstrations, and valuable information to all who attend.


Here is our technician, Christian (right), at the 2014 Training Symposium after attending a session given by Lucien Noguès (left). Noguès is the head of Education and Technical Training for Babolat. Read more about Lucien Noguès here.